Welcome to House of God’s Love.

As the founder of House of God’s Love I want to say CHAO MUNG / Welcome. The real story of the Houses is not about me; I know that I play a crucial role and people call me the driving force behind it. However, for me, the real story is about the orphans and the poor in and around Vietnam’s Quang Nam province. Equally it is about the love that God shows them through people like you and others who have made this journey a reality. House of God’s Love began with a passion I share with my cousin Lilly, to house and heal and nurture those in need of these things in our birth country. Four years in the making, this journey has been sometimes very hard, heart-breaking, and painful but, with God as our partner, more often, it has been exciting, joyful, and awe-inspiring. We are so humbled and grateful there are others, like you, willing to join us in this – expressing God’s love through providing care and kindness to those in need. Tina-Thu Truong